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(Cognitive Nutritional Options)

CNS90 Fortify Kit

Increase  your focus and energy levels with these Organo essentials and get optimal results! Full of antioxidants, nutrients and minerals, the CNS90 Fortify Kit is a staple for maximum physical and mental performance. 

This set includes:

2 boxes of Fenix CXT Advanced Energy + Focus drink mix (15 sachets)

1 box of King Of Coffee  (25 sachets)

1 box of Premium Black Coffee (30 sachets)

1 box of Green Tea (25 sachets)

1 bottle of Spore Powder (90 capsules)

1  bottle of Mycelium (90 capsules)

Stock on the best cognitive enhancing supplements and beverages to increase your vitality and lead a healthier lifestyle.

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CNS90 Fortify Kit
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