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Cognitive Health & Wellness

COGNITION by Organo (12 - Month Subscription)

Enjoy the power of "Cognitive Ignition"™ - A unique and purposely unordinary experience of your brain.

Strengthen your brain in as little as 6 minutes a day

Your brain can be trained as if it were any other muscle. You can start training your brain today with COGNITION by ORGANO™ for as little as $0.80 (eighty =-cents) per day. Your brain just might love you for it.

COGNITION by ORGANO™ is the most scientifically validated cognitive performance training and support program on the market today. The program exclusively designed to ignite the cognitive possibilities for your brain

The program has been shown to support improvements in the following areas:

  • Attention and Focus
  • Ability to Multi-Task"
  • Sensory Acuity
  • Working Memory
  • Decision Making and Reasoning
  • Cognitive Stamina and Flexibility, or "thinking outside the box"


$300 USD / $399 CAD for the annual software license and 3D glasses

plus shipping & handling of $15 USD/ $19.95 CAD

Details of pricing for the other countries, please check pricelist

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COGNITION by Organo (12 -Month Subscription)
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The COGNITION by Organo is a workout tool and system for your brain.

The COGNITION by Organo boosts your cognitive abilities with a 6-minute exercise you can do on your computer or TV. This exercise helps you retain your best ideas, apply them and overcome the stress of our crazy world today, so you can be at peak performance and dramatically expand your output every single day.

What does the COGNITION by Organo come with?

3-D Glasses
The 3D glasses provided enable you to use the COGNITION by Organo

Patented Cognitive Training System
The system contains the patented training that you can use just 6-minutes a day. This training will have you perform 3D multiple object tracking to boost brain function. It can be used with any VR/AR headset including Oculus HMD.


This device is backed by 40+ studies and clinicians, showing it significantly improves your brain’s executive function, attention, working memory, processing speed, and response control.

It’s also used by elite athletes and military Special Forces across the globe to heighten human performance, increase mental robustness and resilience in the face of adversity.


If you are brand new to COGNITION by Organo, make sure to watch the demo available on the site upon logging in, or refer to the How-To Guide (PDF) available in your Back Office before starting your first session.

You will login to your system. Set it up on your computer or TV. And then you will put on your glasses and begin.

  1. Unless otherwise instructed, COGNITION by Organo training should be completed in a seated position.
  2. You will see 8 yellow balls - two, three, or four of them will be highlighted with white circles – these are your targets, remember them!
  3. The balls will move for 4-8 seconds and then stop. Select the number of balls that were your targets by clicking them with the left mouse button, via touchscreen, or by typing the number associated with them on the keyboard (in any order). Just 6 minutes a day can create drastic results.
  4. The system will then show you the correct answers.
  5. This process will continue for just 6 short minutes. And then you will have created your brain workout.
  6. The difficulty level of the software will automatically adapt to your results and performance.